Prescott College Partners with Uwill

Solution allows college to expand capacity and support diverse needs

Uwill, the leading teletherapy solution for colleges and students, today announced a partnership with Prescott College to help meet demand for counseling for remote and on-campus students. As the need for mental health support increases nationwide, Uwill’s solution accounts for student preferences to immediately match them with licensed and available counselors.

“We aim to educate and support students of diverse ages and backgrounds to be successful and enhance our world community,” said Kristine Preziosi, Dean of Student Affairs at Prescott College. “It is crucial we support the whole student with the resources they need to succeed, especially as it relates to mental health and counseling.”

Prescott College is launching this new teletherapy solution at a time of increasing mental health challenges reported at campuses nationwide. Prior to 2020, up to 60 percent of college students reported experiencing significant anxiety, and according to recent research, more than eight in 10 college students have seen their mental health negatively affected over the past two years.

“The demand for student mental health support has drastically increased over the past decade, nevermind the past two years,” said Michael London, founder and CEO of Uwill. “This is about complementing the work that Prescott College is doing on their campus by providing a solution to support all students, whether studying on campus or remotely..”

Utilizing its proprietary technology and counselor team, Uwill is the only secure student-to-therapist matching platform and wellness environment. The solution offers an immediate connection to an available licensed counselor based on student preferences, all modalities of teletherapy (video, phone, chat, and message), 24/7/365 emergency access, group sessions, live events, detailed reporting and support. Uwill partners with more than 100 institutions worldwide including the University of California Santa Barbara, Boston College, American Public University System, and the Massachusetts and Michigan state higher education systems to ensure their online mental health and wellness environment meets student needs.

About Uwill
Uwill has become the leading mental health and wellness solution for colleges and students. Utilizing its proprietary technology and counselor team, the company offers users an immediate connection to an available therapist while considering all their preferences. Uwill’s secure environment facilitates video, phone, chat and message sessions. In addition, Uwill offers 24/7/365 emergency assistance, and instructor-led events to complement therapy. Its proprietary tool, Ucollaborate, allows for seamless coordination of care and full transparency with campus health centers. Uwill has been described by mental health advocates as the most effective and cost-efficient way to support students. Clients include University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Stevens Institute of Technology, Fairfield University, and University of San Francisco. Uwill is the teletherapy educational partner for NASPA. For more information, visit