Michael London joins Lumina Foundation Podcast to Discuss Mental Health on College Campuses

In a new episode of The Lumina Foundation’s “Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Talent,” Uwill CEO Michael London joins fellow leaders in the college mental health space to discuss what schools can do to better support their students.  
Michael and David Arnold, Assistant Vice President for Health, Safety, and Well-being Initiatives at NASPA discuss the findings of a recent survey by Uwill and NASPA which compiles insights from student affairs leaders representing more than 150,000 college students.
As Michael notes in the episode, the research showed “a clear picture: student mental health continues to decline, and colleges are definitely challenged to support students and their wellness needs.”  
A majority (72%) of student affairs administrators report the overall trajectory of campus mental health worsened during the past year, and only 8% ranked size of counseling staff as the greatest strength related to campus mental health. Increased severity of mental health issues (43%) and inability to meet student demand (20%) were ranked as the two greatest challenges to campus mental health.

Throughout the episode, Michael describes how teletherapy providers, like Uwill, can complement on-campus offerings to ensure students get the care they need.

“If you can give [students] teletherapy, you can give them a level of immediacy, you can give them a way to get healthy without having friction – things that are really hard. If you can enhance the diversity of counselors and give students more choice, those things are an incredible complement to the good work being done on a campus.” 

The full episode is available now on the Lumina Foundation website, SpotifyApple Podcasts, or YouTube

For more information on the NASPA/Uwill survey, visit https://uwill.com/NASPA-college-mental-health-survey/ 

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