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Q: What is Uwill?

Uwill is a leading teletherapy platform that enables college students nationwide to receive real-time counseling online from a network of licensed mental health professionals.

Q: What is the main benefit Uwill can offer my college?

The primary benefit of working with Uwill is being able to offer a supplemental mental health solution in the event of campus counseling waitlists, spikes in demand for counseling or in the event that counseling is not able to be offered in-person.

Q: What does therapy look like on the Uwill platform?

Uwill aims to make therapy as accessible and convenient as possible for college students. To accomplish this, students choose among video, phone, chat and text. It is common for students to select a combination of the offered modalities – all built within Uwill’s platform.

Q: How easy is it for students get onboarded?

After becoming a Uwill client, schools receive a tailored application of Uwill. Students are notified of the service and then are eligible to create their profiles on the platform and fill out a secure intake form. Next, they are matched with a therapist by Uwill’s machine learning algorithm. Within 24 hours, students are notified of their counselor and then both parties begin the coordination of their scheduling.

Q: Who are the therapists on the Uwill platform?

All of the counselors are mental health professionals who have received the required education and prerequisite clinical hours. Uwill performs extensive primary and secondary background check on the counselors and conducts a thorough interview process.

Q: Are all of the mental health professional licensed?

Yes, and many have extensive experience working with college-aged students.

Q: Is there a cap in terms of number of students at my college who can use the platform?

No. As a Uwill partner all of your students will be eligible for the counseling services availed on Uwill’s platform.

Q: Is Uwill HIPAA and FERPA compliant?

Yes, Uwill is compliant on both privacy acts. More information on our compliance policy can be found here.

Q: Does Uwill share student data with third-party advertisers?

No. Uwill’s focus on higher education market means we do not share data. This means true privacy for your students.



Q: What is Uwill?

Uwill is a leading teletherapy platform that enables college students nationwide to receive real-time counseling online from a network of licensed mental health professionals.

Q: How does it work?

We match you with a licensed counselor and you are then able to receive 1:1 counseling via video, phone, chat or text.

Q: Is Uwill free as a student?

Yes, attending a Uwill partner school means that your college has chosen to offer this therapy to all of its students.

Q: Who are your counselors?

They are licensed individuals with extensive clinical experience. We believe we have the world’s best pool of mental health professionals who are eager to counsel college-aged students.

Q: How long until I can get started?

We will generally match you with your counselor within 24 hours after you fill out your intake form.

Q: Can I choose between video, phone, chat and text based support?

Yes, you work with your counselor and select the support that best suits you. You can also choose multiple modalities based on your schedule and needs.


Q: Can I use Uwill if I am studying abroad or on a school break?

Yes, one of the great benefits of Uwill is our therapists are there for you wherever you are and not just when you are on campus.

Q: Is it really private and secure?

Yes, we are HIPAA and FERPA compliant which means we follow the strictest privacy guidelines. We never share your data – even on anonymized basis – to any third party

Q: What if I don’t like the counselor that has been chosen for me?

Our proprietary matching program has a very high success rate but occasionally issues come up. In such a case you would just email support@uwill.com notifying us of the request. A new therapist would then be assigned within 48 hours.



Q: Is there a minimum or maximum number of clients I can take on?

No. You take on as many or as few clients as you like.

Q: What is the application process?

All interested counselors must go through an application. In this process we ask you to fill out a formal application, conduct an interview with someone on our clinical team and then we conduct a background check. The total process typically takes 2 weeks.

Q: How many hours per week do counselors typical counsel on the Uwill platform?

It ranges, but 5-15 hours per week is average.

Q: What are the hours? I have my full-time practice during the day so primarily only have availability at night and weekends?

One of the great things about Uwill is flexibility. Once you set your available hours, you will only be matched you with students with similar availability.

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