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2 in 5 employees are experiencing mental health issues resulting in reduced productivity, lack of motivation, increased absenteeism, and higher turnover. Approximately 50% of employee dependents struggle with similar issues.

Workplace mental health challenges have become a growing concern and the impact on businesses is staggering. Organizations are challenged with legacy vendors like EAPs and newer wellness providers that only partially solve the problem. Until now.

Uwill is a recognized leader in online mental health and wellness supporting more than 1.5 million lives at more than 200 organizations across the country.

Learn how Uwill can support the needs of your employees and U

Uwill offers immediacy, flexibility, and diversity that employees demand.

Immediate appointment with a licensed counselor based on employee needs and preferences day, night, weekend availability video, phone, chat, message

Direct connection with a licensed counselor trained in trauma for employees dealing with a mental health crisis

On-demand wellness programming – yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and more

Full transparency with realtime data, analytics, tailored reporting, and coordination of care

Bring Uwill to Your Employees in 10 Days!

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